Tennis Fun Facts for Beginners

If you are just learning your serve or still consider yourself a spectator of the sport, tennis can be quite an engaging sport to play or observe. Its modern day roots date back to late 19th Century England, but some historians believe it’s ancient origins date all the way back to 12th Century France. Back then then players supposedly used the palm of their hand for a racket, but further details remain unknown.

But here in the 21st Century, the popularity of tennis continues to grow as the professionals gain more exposure and more youth around the globe are taking up the sport each and every year. If you are one of the new players to hit the court or you’re simply interested in what tennis is all about, here is some quality information to get you started:

What Equipment Do I Need?

One of the best reasons to start playing tennis is you only need two pieces of equipment: a ball and a racquet! While a proper pair of tennis shoes is highly recommended it is not mandatory. Players who have some experience often change the grip on their racquet and customize the strings as well, but that is a little down the road for beginners. Most communities have public tennis courts where you can hone your skills with a friend or someone you meet at the courts. In addition to nets, most public courts also have tennis court windscreens to block wind, debris, and sun light from the court.

If you choose to take lessons at a country club, they will definitely have tennis windscreens in addition to other favorable amenities. Local gyms often offer tennis lessons as well and they will use gym divider curtains instead of tennis court windscreens to separate the courts and prevent balls from interrupting other games.

What are the Rules?

The rules of tennis are actually quite simple once you wrap your head around them. The singles court is 78×27 ft. and a doubles court is 78×36 ft. The lines designate what is in bounds and out of bounds and to start a match one player serves the ball diagonally across the court into their service box. If the serve does not hit the net and lands inside the service box, the players volley until a point is scored. The scoring system is Love, 15, 30, and 45 and a typical match is the best out of three or five sets.

Where can I watch tennis?

Professional tennis matches can be found all over television and chances are your local high school has a team. You can also enjoy the shade of a tennis windscreen at your local public tennis court and observe your neighbors playing a game as well.

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