Baseball Spot Covers

Baseball spot covers are necessary to protect the field during rain and that’s why it is important that you invest in a quality ACC cover. All baseball mound, home plate, and base covers from All Court Covers,are made from high quality 18 ounce vinyl or 60 ounce polyethylene. Our polyethylene products are available in a standard color of silver/white, while solid vinyl covers can be color customized.

Baseball Field Spot Cover Specs

Spot Cover Solid Vinyl Covers
(actual colors may vary)



                              Home Plate Cover

Manufactured in 6oz poly or 18oz vinyl

Model Numbers



ACC-PM18 18′ Mound Cover Poly
ACC-HP26 26′ Home plate cover Poly
ACC -HP30 30’ Home plate cover Poly
ACC-HP30 30’ Home plate cover Poly
ACC-B10 10’ Base Cover Poly
ACC-VPM18 18’ Pitcher’s Mound Cover Vinyl
ACC-VPM26 26’ Pitcher’s Mound Cover Vinyl
ACC-VHP26 26’ Home plate Cover Vinyl
ACC-VHP30 30’ Home plate Cover Vinyl

Under polyethylene baseball spot covers, we offer five options including:

                                               Spot Cover

  • ACC-PM 18 – 18’ mound cover
  • ACC-HP26 – 26’ home plate cover
  • ACC-HP30 – 30’ home plate cover
  • ACC-HP30 – 30’ home plate cover
  • ACC-B10 – 10’ base cover

Our solid vinyl cover range includes:

     Spot Covers and Tarps

  • ACC-VPM18 – 18’ pitcher’s mound cover
  • ACC-VPM26 – 26’ pitcher’s mound cover
  • ACC-VHP-26 – 26’ home plate cover
  • ACC-VHP30 – 30’ home plate cover
  • Sewn-in perimeter weights – stays in place! NEW heaver 18 oz. material – lasts longer! On & off fields quick – saves rainouts! 2 year warranty on homeplate and mound covers

For more information on our baseball spot covers, contact us today!