Gym Floor Covers Prevent Destruction

Posted April 18th 2014 at 7:43 pm by xtrememedia1

Many gymnasium owners, including schools are on the look out for quality security equipment including gym floor covers to protect their gym and their students.  A school gym is one of the largest rooms available in most schools.  This huge space has grown to be used for a variety of different purposes.  Many times it is even opened up for the use of community events to the general public.

gym floor covers

Many times it is used of course as a gymnasium where the students can have their physical education classes and sporting events.  Most schools have basketball, volleyball, wrestling and other various sports for their students to participate.  In most schools, trying out and being a good enough player to make a school sports team is a big deal.  These sports teams will play games and compete against other teams from different schools in their district.  This gives the students a vote of confidence in themselves and shows them what can happen when you work together as a team.  When students are on a sports team, the school will hold them responsible for their commitment to the team, including a particular grade point average and the importance of being there for practices and games.

Not only does the gymnasium get used for sporting events, but it also gets used for assemblies for the entire student body.  There are other events such as dances, sports banquets, talent shows put on by the student body and concerts from the school bands and chorus.  When these events are taking place, many times extra chairs have to be set up on the gym floor.  This is where the gym floor covers are a huge benefit for your gym.  These are spread out to cover the floor to keep it from getting damaged from heavy foot traffic or the chairs being scooted on the floor.  This can cause some costly damage to your gymnasium floor.

Quality covers are designed to last and withstand heavy foot traffic,  shock, impact and bad weather.  They are designed of extremely durable three-ply PVC coated materials with polyester mesh for durability.  These covers should also be fire retardant for the safety of your school.  Other important factors when choosing your covers, include finding ones that you and your staff can easily install on your floor and easily remove.  Make sure they are slip resistant on the back, so they do not scoot around on the gym floor.  See that they are treated to keep them from rotting, molding, growing mildew or any fungus or bacteria.

There are reputable companies where these can be ordered customized for your gymnasium.  With the proper measurements, these covers can be designed for a perfect fit for your gym.  They can also be selected in a variety of different colors to match your school colors or your sports team’s colors.  Nothing says pride in your school gymnasium as selecting quality professional looking gym floor covers to protect your gym floor.