Gym Floor Cover Storage Racks

A gym owner needs to put in a lot of care and attention to ensure that his or her gym is safe to use, while being aesthetically appealing as well. Gyms often experience large amounts of traffic. Apart from the athletes and gymnasts, gyms are also often used for a number of social events. As a gym owner, you will need to be able to use the space on your gym floor in the most effective manner. At All Court Covers, we provide our customers with an exhaustive range of high quality gym floor covers. Our durable gym floor covers also come with customized storage racks, allowing you to maintain and store the covers in the most effective manner. Our gym floor covers are made to handle heavy impacts and extreme stress, and having an effective storage rack will automatically increase their shelf-lives. All our gym floor cover storage racks are customized to suit the size of our gym floor covers perfectly.

Gym Floor Covers

Why purchase a storage rack?

It goes without saying that a good gym is one that is well maintained. Maintenance is key to ensuring safe gym practices. If a gym floor is cracked or disfigured, athletes may trip and fall, resulting in serious injuries. A protective gym floor cover is a must to keep your gym floor smooth and safe. However, gym floor covers are large pieces of equipment and are difficult to store safely, unless you have a gym floor cover storage rack. Our storage racks allow you to simply roll up your gym floor covers instantly, with the least amount of effort. They are also built to be easily installed. Other features of our storage racks include:

A sturdy steel structure for prolonged usage Crafted for simple and convenient installation Standardized dimensions - 34' in width, 12'6" inches in length and 67' inches in height Capacity to handle weights up to 4,800 lbs Non skid wheels for easy mobility Available with 6, 8 or 10 rollers Perfect for 10' cover sections

Why choose ACC?

At ACC, we make the job of the gym owner as simple as possible. With our gym floor covers and storage racks, all you need to do is roll them up before placing them neatly on a storage rack that takes up minimal space. Our storage racks are designed to perform for prolonged periods of time. You can trust that when you purchase one of our storage racks, that you will never need to worry about its quality. We also offer a number of customized options appropriate to the size of your gym. If our standard models do not suit your gym, all you need to do is contact us 877-393-9726 to learn about our customization options.