Gym Products

Are you in search of high end gymnasium equipment? Ever since gymnasiums have begun to be used for social gatherings and other related events, gym owners have a lot more to think about, with regard to gym maintenance and safety. Gym owners are responsible in protecting equipment and gym space, so that athletes and gymnasts are not under risk of getting injured. As a gym owner, identifying the kind of gym products and equipment to integrate into your gym means conducting an extensive analysis of your gym's dimensions, as well as the kind of average traffic it experiences.

Weight is an important factor when choosing gym equipment. The weight of gym-related products is a good way to tell strength. At, our products are specifically designed to be highly resistant to heavy impacts and grinding. From our slip-resistant gym floor covers to our easy to use gym divider curtains, we offer a wide range of durable gym products for you to choose from.

ACC Gym Floor Cover

Gym floor covers

Our gym floor covers can be customized in colour and size to suit your preferences and your gym's dimensions. The fabric we use is made to tolerate extreme wear and tear, allowing you to keep your gym looking brand new with minimal maintenance. Our floor covers are also highly resistant to dirt, fire, stains, rips, odour from bacteria as well as hole formation.

Gym divider curtains Our gym divider curtain products come in three styles - walk/ draw, fold-up and roll-up. The mesh material we use on our gym divider curtains, are designed to help your gym retain a beautiful aesthetic while ensuring effective ventilation as well. Our curtains are easy to install and even easier to use.