Protective Gym Floor Covers

A gym floor is regularly used by dedicated gymnasts and athletes. In most cases, gym-goers perform high impact activities that will naturally cause equipment and flooring to weather with time. Any gym owner will tell you that to operate an effective gym, you will need to ensure that your gym floor is well-protected and safe to use, so as to avoid serious injuries to athletes and gymnasts. Gym floors will need to maintained frequently using a range of techniques. However, while safety is the number one concern of any gym owner, it is also important to identify methods by which you can save on your gym floor maintenance costs. One of the most effective ways to maintain your gym floor, is to purchase protective gym floor covers.

Why buy protective gym floor covers?

Apart from being commonly used by athletes and other gym-goers, gyms are often used as a venue for a number of events like parties and other social gatherings. During such events, gyms are often packed with people wearing all kinds of footwear, that may not typically be worn by gym-goers. The impact and pressure of these shoes can seriously affect the integrity of a gym floor, unless you use protective gym floor covers.

Protective gym floor covers are not only able to ensure that your gym floor does not get damaged through cracking and disfigurement, but are also crucial in retaining the aesthetic of your gym. During social gatherings, there is always the likelihood that liquids or food may be spilt, thereby permanently staining your gym floor. Our protective gym floor covers are easy to install, and even easier to clean.


Why choose ACC?

Our protective gym floor covers are manufactured to handle heavy foot traffic, and extreme impacts. Our covers are made using durable 3-ply PVC coated materials, including a polymester mesh. Another important feature of our gym floor covers is the fact that they are fire-proof as well.

Other important features of our gym floor covers are:

10' sections for easy handling, installation and removal Highly resistant to mildew, fungus, bacteria and water Slip resistance for added safety Extremely reasonably priced

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