Retractable Baseball Batter’s Eye

This structure flexes when hit by wind, and will change shape in order to reduce wind loads. The ACC retractable batters eye has a central support with a “wing” supported by flexible battens. The wing will move and change shape when buffeted by winds, and the resulting wind loads can be reduced. A permanent batter’s eye requires massive and expensive support structures. Removing the attached screen requires a lift truck and a lot of work. One person can raise or lower the wings in minutes.  The wings can be removed from the supports for seasonal storage. Each unit includes a support beam, wing with battens. The lifting mechanism  allows the wing to be raised or lowered from the ground. Multiple units— Have a slight overlap side-to-side. The retractable batter’s eye units can be either 20’ or 30’ tall and each is 12’ wide.

The ACC batters eye makes great sense regardless of your field location.  If you are in an area with heavy winds it can be the only reasonable choice for a hitter's backdrop. All units are engineered for the 90 mph wind gusts.