Tennis Windscreen Logos and Graphics

  The appeal of tennis as a global sport continues to grow in countries all over the world. Players like Martina Navratilova and Rod Laver have stood as milestones in this dynamic sport and have set inspiring examples for others like Steffi Graf and Bjorn Borg. Most of the reputed tournamants are played at landmark stadiums with the ultimate tennis courts hosting the matches. A tennis court is characterized by a hard rectangular surface and net stretched out at a low height right in the center. Both singles and doubles matches can be played on the same court.

Tennis windscreens

 An outdoor tennis court can be supplemented with a brilliant tennis windscreen which is the latest trend for all international and state level matches. Windscreens come in several different colors and sizes or dimensions. They could be either printed or plain. A windscreen serves multiple purposes of blocking the wind, providing privacy, and a great platform for sponsors to advertise . These days it is possible to custom fabricate and print logos and graphics on all tennis windscreens. This gives one the opportunity to be creative and design exciting eye-catching content to be put up on the tennis windscreen!

Some of the different types of tennis windscreens available for sale include:

• Vinyl coated  polyester Windscreens  (Only this kind can have graphics.)

• Polypropylene Windscreen

• Polyethylene Windscreen

Logos and graphics

 It is a great idea to use logos and graphics on the tennis windscreen or backdrop padding. Your playing field can be completely transformed this way and it could work well for the home-field advantage of your team. Logos can only be applied to different kinds of windscreens-Armor Mesh, Vinyl-Coated (Polyester), Solid Vinyl, and Backstop Padding among others.

Sometimes the client has a requirement for certain custom colors that may be in sync with the team’s school color or flag color or even PMS shades. These usually come with an overhead or extra charge and are individually quoted.

In today’s modern age of technology, digital printing processes are used for printing company or school logos and advertisements of your sponsors on the windscreens. The result is an extraordinary fine image that is resistant to tearing or peeling. There are specialist designers these days who can transform an existing piece of design into something totally unique and different or create something completely new from scratch. Printing is usually done by the same company which builds your pads.