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Already popular for our selection of athletic field covers and gym floor covers, ACC manufactures a wide range of industrial supplies for all types of products. We offer customized industrial curtains that are ideal for indoor and outdoor work areas. All our industrial curtain products are designed based on your unique specification of fabrics, materials, sizes and colors. Whether you require insulated or non-insulated, lightweight or heavyweight, All Court Covers can provide superior quality products for your establishment.

Industrial Curtain Walls
Industrial Curtain Walls

Why Should You Install Industrial Curtains?

Regardless of the nature of production or the niche of your business, it is important to invest in quality industrial curtains to install in your production area. There are many benefits to choosing industrial curtains in your production line including:

  • Easy and convenient sectioning of space
  • Better organization of work space
  • Retaining of cool or warm air
  • Protection from toxic by-products

At All Court Covers we create customized products as unique as your business and put great focus on quality and durability. Our industrial curtains are built to last and can withstand the demands of your manufacturing unit. Our extent of customization is not limited to fabric and size, but also includes special features like flaps, wind vents, doors, clear panels and Velcro strips.

Fabric Walls
Fabric Walls

Customized Industrial Curtains From ACC

Industrial curtains from All Court Covers are made from the finest materials designed to withstand high pressure environments. They feature double sewn hemlines as well as strong grommets made from brass to increase support and strength. Lower pockets can be added with weights, with additional customization options for steel tracks and fire safe materials for both lightweight and heavyweight industrial curtains. Our range of industrial curtains includes:

  • Industrial roll-up curtains: If your production unit is not suitable for rolling or horizontal curtains, All Court Covers can provide you with roll-up industrial curtains that can be used at your convenience. We offer a wide range of strong and durable fabrics in many colors. All manufacturing units and business setups can benefit from our easy to install curtains and spin the curtains when not in use. We offer weight pockets for more steadiness and balance.    
  • Industrial side to side curtains: Our side to side curtains are very strong, making them extremely beneficial in production units. You can either open or close the facility along with heavy duty tracks. All you have to do is hang the curtains in place and section the space.     
  • Welding curtain: UV resistant welding curtains from ACC are ideal to protect your employees from harmful welding equipment. Our fusing drapes are customized and sturdy enough for rough use. The fabric is fire resistant and in compliance with CFM testing.
  • Industrial curtain partitions: To create a truly customized look in your production or industrial unit, you can opt for heavy duty curtains with splitters. Curtain partitions from ACC are available in clear and solid panels and can be customized to your needs. They are ideal to seal off specific sections to create a sterile environment or to protect workers from pollutants, fumes, sparks, toxins, and other hazardous by-products.

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