Customize Your High School Gym

In the highly competitive world of high school athletics, school pride isn’t only felt by the students. Families of the athletes and the faculty are all emotionally invested in their teams and providing them an admirable gym to host sporting events is important to their spirit. There are many ways to do so by using gymnasium floor covers, gym wall pads, and tennis windscreens customized with your school’s colors and mascot logo. And don’t think these products are only for looks; they also provide safety and protection for your flooring and athletes, too.

Take the gymnasium floor cover for example. Not only will it protect the precious varnish and sealant of your basketball court, but you can have it color matched to your school’s colors. A basic blue color is never a bad option, but if you made it red and white it would scream school spirit. Something as large as a gymnasium floor cover is impossible to miss and it will instill pride in your team and let the opposing team know your school cares about its athletics.

Another great way to spruce up a gymnasium is color-coded gym wall pads. Every state mandates you have them on the walls, so why not have an alternating color system of red-white-red-white instead of an eyesore? Those who have seen schools with their gym wall pads color customized know how professional and clean it looks and it will add to the overall aesthetics of the gym.

Outdoor facilities can customized with protective measures as well. Tennis windscreens are obviously great for keeping the sun, debris, and light winds off of the court, but they can also be used along the track and other areas as well. Baseball teams have used tennis windscreens by their dugouts and bullpens and track and field teams can use them in a variety of ways. And just like gymnasium floor covers and gym wall pads, tennis windscreens can be made in your team colors and even come with a large logo of your mascot. Imagine your rival school pulling into your parking lot and a large Bulldog painted on a 30 ft. tennis windscreen is scowling at them!

All Court Covers manufacturers of these products will gladly make your floor covers, wall pads, and windscreens to order, so give your high school an upgrade today!