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Gym Floor Covers-Gymnasium Floor Cover
Gym floor cover and rack

The gym floor is a communal practice area for many athletes and gymnasts.  You should take additional measures to ensure that the floor is being protected from damage.  Maintain it regularly with gym floor covers from ACC. You can add a new layer of safety and protection for your floors. Gym Floor Covers come in several different weights depending on the gym’s usage.

Why Should You Protect Your Gym Floor?

Gym Floor Covers-Gymnasium Floor Cover
Gym Floor Cover In Use

The gym is being used by thousands of people each year.  Heavy foot traffic on a daily basis can destroy a floor. Apart from the foot traffic, several other factors can cause damage to your floor. People leave dirt, blotches, scrapes and other undesirable things behind them. The spilling of water and other corrosive substances can deteriorate the quality of your gym floor. With many unforeseeable causes for damage, it is sensible to invest in protective gym floor covering.

All weights of our gymnasium floor covers have: 
1) 3-ply materials. Strengthened polyester mesh coated with PVC on each side.

2) Lays flat and wrinkle free with either surface up. Welded seam to be as sturdy as the body itself.

3) Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Rot and mildew resistant.

4) Conforms to Golden State official, Hub of the Universe official, underwriters UL-214, and U.S. Military description. MIL-C-20696 necessities.

5) Full warranties against material defects.

Covers From ACC – Why Choose Us?

Our gym floor covers are fabricated to withstand heavy foot traffic, impact, and odor. They are made from extremely durable 3-ply PVC coated materials with a polyester mesh for durability. ACC gym floor covers are also fire retardant.

Gym Floor Covers-Gymnasium Floor Cover
Gym Floor Covers
    • 10’ sections for easy handling, placing and removal
    • Resistant to water, rot, mildew, fungus and bacteria
    • Slip resistant gymnasium floor covers for added safety
    • Affordably priced gym floor covers

    With all these reasons and more, there is no doubt that you can rely on ACC for quality floor covers for your gymnasium.

    Gym Floor Covers-Gymnasium Floor Cover
    Fully Deployed Gym Floor Cover

    Order pre-cut gym floor covers. Save time on ordering and shipping by picking a select size and weight for your order.  Specifications:

    Tan or Royal Blue

    18 oz., 22 oz., 27 oz., 32 oz.

    In a rush? These pre-cut rolls get shipped faster than our regular gym floor covers!

    Looking for a specific size or want to customize your order with graphics? Request a quote to get in touch with one of our representatives.

    Place An Order – Contact Us Today

    At All Court Covers, our main priority is to provide you with the best quality for every product. For more information on our protective gym floor covers, get in touch with us today. You can either choose standard 10’ x 100’ sections or order customized sizes to suit your facility. Call us at 312 405 6156 for a quick price quote and more customization details.


    ACC- Gym Floor Cocer Fabric Specifications and Colors
    Durable Product Substrates + Protective Coatings = Maximized Wear Time
    Total Weight32 oz.27 oz.22 oz.18 oz.10 oz.*
    Product Warranty17 yrs.15 yrs.10 yrs.8 yrs.3 yrs.
    Tear Strength
    (Warp x Filling) ASTM D2261
    210 x 210125 x 90110 x 7590 x 6576 x 76
    Tensile Strength
    (Warp x Filling) ASTM D5034
    375 x 360315 x 300295 x 285280 x 270495 x 340
    ASTM D751
    35 lbs.35 lbs.35 lbs.35 lbs.N/A
    Flame Resistance
    (Self-extinguishing Fed Std 191 method #5903)

    ACC- Gymnasium Floor Cover Colors (actual colors may vary)

    Available Stock Colors32 oz.27 oz.22 oz.18 oz.10 oz.*
    Brown & TanXXX
    Tan & Blue (Royal)XXX
    Tan & BurgundyXX
    Blue (Royal)XXXX
    Blue (Navy)XXXX
    Green (Maple)XXXX
    Gray (Light)XXX
    Gray (Dark)XX
    Kelly GreenX

    Large Investment

    A gymnasium floor is a massive investment. Refinishing the gym every year adds to the expense. This is a good reason why it’s smart to guard your gym floor area with the best quality gymnasium floor cover. We have a large amount of choices in color, weight and size. The right protection for any gymnasium floor is instantly obtainable and fully customizable.

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