Gymnasium wall pads with School Logos

Gym Wall Pads with Logos

Gym Wall Pads allow a sports facility to ensure that your gym is safe for players and athletes. Maintaining and ensuring safety is paramount. Install gymnasium wall pads to prevent serious injuries. At All Court Covers, we offer a range of customized quality gym wall padding for your gymnasium. Stylish, sturdy and built to last, our gym wall padding can help you create a safe environment while reducing your liability.

Gym wall pads are most important if your facility regularly hosts sports like basketball, gymnastics, wresting, and volley ball. Regardless of how often your facility hosts sporting events, it is essential to double check for safety measures.


Since 1988 ACC has designed, assembled, and installed, custom gym wall pads. Areas protected are wrestling rooms, gymnasiums, arenas, stadiums, and the other spaces that needs protective wall pads.

Gym Wall Padding
Gym Wall Padding

All orders are custom created to suit your needs. Padding is fabricated one at a time.. ACC wall pads are often created for corners, beams, columns, doorways, or any surface that needs padding.
Every order is handled by one of our sales representatives in order to confirm your order is exactly as specified by you.

Rely On Quality Gym Wall Pads From ACC

Gym Wall Padding

All Court Covers believes that athletes deserve quality and reliability in their protective gear. Even if you assume that indoor games are safer and less physical than outdoor ones, it is important to invest in quality wall pads. Wall padding changes the entire look of your gymnasium. Our vibrant and strong wall pads instantly up the safety factor, attracting more members.. When you prove to your players that you support their sport with the right equipment, you can establish your facility as a symbol for true gymnasium safety.

Choose From Customized Gym Wall Pads

ACC offers standard and customization options in gymnasium wall pads to suit your facility. We do not limit you to choosing standard sized padding that may or may not work to your benefit. That is why our range of customized wall pads is popular among gym owners. With the right wall padding, you can eliminate safety concerns and ensure that your gym is appropriately protected. Some major features of our gym wall pads include:

  • 1-1/4 inch polyethylene foam padding
  • 3/8 inch plywood class-1 retardant backing
  • 2 inch thickness (6 pounds)
  • 1-1/2 inch polyurethane padding (3.5 to 6 pounds)

Our range of customized gym wall padding is available in multiple colors including red, blue, green, and tan. Apart from our wall pads, we advise you to increase player safety by choosing additional padding for columns, stages, poles, doors and beams.

ACC Gym Wall Pads Are Superior!

You may have already come across a number of sellers offering Gymnasium wall pads. While you find a few quality products, none match the superior quality and sturdiness of ACC. We take this commitment a step further by offering you exactly what you want – nothing more, nothing less. There are many reasons to choose customized gym wall pads from All Court Covers:

  • All our gym wall pads are crafted from a single piece. This makes them more durable in providing maximum protection.
  • They are equipped with 1-inch lips on the top and bottom to ensure that the pads maintain their shape even after prolonged use.
  • Our wall-pads are wafer backed and provide excellent impact protection.
  • They are easy to install over any surface, including unfinished ones.
  • They are available in four colors – Red, green, blue and tan.

ACC believes in using nothing but the best materials to craft top quality wall pads made from vinyl and foam. Our wall pads use imprinted patterns to resemble leather and can be customized to suit the interiors of your gymnasium or sporting facility.

Reasons To Rely On All Court Covers

We take gym safety and protection very seriously and strive to create better quality wall pads each time. Here are reasons you can trust ACC to deliver on style, quality and durability:

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