Gymnasium Mats Tumbling Safety-              Custom Size Mats Available

ACC top quality gymnasium tumbling mats facilitate the safety of your athletes and gymnasts. Our specialized green foam mats are from eco-friendly products as we create sturdy and durable mats that are safe for handling during practicing, training, and skill building.

Gymnasium Mats Color Customization Options

Apart from ordering multiple mats in the same color, you can also mix and match to create alternating or rainbow patterns. There are no limits when it comes to personalizing your facility.

Foam Types For Folding And Non-Folding Mats

You can choose from the following foam types including:

  • 2-inch IFD 100
  • 2-inch medium-firm
  • 1.5-inch extra-firm
  • 2.5-inch extra-firm/soft combination

Foam Mat Size Options

Our folding gym tumbling mats are available in the following standard sizes:

  • 4′x6′

  • 4′x8′
  • 4′x10′
  • 4′x12′
  • 5′x8′
  • 5′x10′
  • 6′x8′
  • 6′x10′
  • 6′x12′

Our selection of non-folding mats is available in the following standard sizes:

Secure your grip!


  • 4′x8′
  • 5′x10′
  • 6′x12′

All our foam mats contain 18-ounce coverings that are free of phosphates and are fire-resistant. Our gymnasium tumbling mats are available with 2-inch Velcro all around or on two sides for easy setup and removal. 4-inch gym mats are ideal for school children while 8-inch and 12-inch mats are suited for athletic team practices and non-standing exercises.

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