Gymnasium Wall Pads

April 28, 2014 Charles Louer

While gyms are nowadays used for a number of recreational events quite often, a gym owners priority should always be to provide a safe and secure environment for athletes, sportsmen and gymnasts. One of the ideal ways to ensure that the safety of gym-goers is never compromised is through the integration of high quality gym wall pads.

At, we offer a range of quality, strong and long-lasting gym wall pads. Gym wall pads are particularly important for gyms that undertake sporting activities like wrestling, athletics, basketball and volleyball. In fact, any sport that requires extensive movement and contact, will require a safe environment to be played within.


Why choose us?

gym wall pads
Gym Wall Padding

When it comes to safety for outdoor sports like soccer, there is only so much that one can anticipate and take care of. However with indoor sports, this should not be a problem. Investing in quality wall pads for your gymnasium will not only protect your athletes, but build your gym’s reputation as a safe and caring one. When you purchase our gym wall pads, you will benefit from,

gym wall padding
Basketball Player Protection
  • Easy installation on any kind of surface
  • Single piece wall pads for increased strength
  • 1 inch lips on the bottom and top of wall pads, to ensure shape is retained
  • Wafer backing for high impact protection

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