Making Updates to Your Country Club to Attract More Members

As a manager or president of a country club, you are probably always looking for improvements you can make to the club.  Your first step should be identifying the various items that need updating, like tennis windscreens, tables or the swimming pool.  Then, check out how you can improve the landscaping.  Finally, you can improve the dining options for your members.  Also, don’t forget that you can always improve a club by offering more activities and services to your members.  Once you have a budget set for renovations and updates you’ll be able to keep your current members happy and attract new members with these simple improvements.

If you’re a country club manager or president, you’ve probably noticed that your club is in need of some improvements or updates.   If this is the case, discuss and create a renovation budget with your board members so you know how much money you have to work with.  When you have the improvements and renovations budget decided, you could start thinking about the things your club needs most.  You may decide that the golf nets or baseball nets need to be replaced, or perhaps you’d like to hire an excellent chef.  The options are endless.  Check out the various ways you can improve or renovate your country club:

Dining:  Members want to be able to come in and savor a great meal after a long day of playing golf or tennis outside. A quality chef can really make a different to your membership numbers.  If you’d like to attract more members, a chef can be the deciding factor as to whether potential members will choose your club over another.

Landscape alterations: Depending on your budget, you can recruit a landscape architect or garden expert to transform your gardens and greenery.They’ll be able to give you suggestions as to how you can keep your landscape green and colorful during the summer months, and protected or manicured during the winter.  Altering the landscape of a space can greatly improve its look.  This easy transformation could help you attract more members.

Updates:  Make a tour around your club and select the main areas that need updates. Updates can include many things, such as replacing tennis windscreens or repainting the walls. Some things will be pricier than others to replace or update, so just be sure you have a set budget before moving forward.

Member services: If there’s a golf course at your country club, it may be wise to create an indoor practice facility with golf nets and tees on AstroTurf. Additionally, you could increase your other fitness offerings by recruiting staff to help members.  This type of staff would include caddies, swim teachers, tennis pros and other types of coaches.  Finally, if you have space, you should consider offering activities for children like installing baseball nets or a miniature golf course.

Member feedback: The best way to update and improve your club is by getting feedback from your members.You can get this feedback by frequently administering surveys.  You can even set out a suggestion box so members can express their thoughts and opinions on a regular basis.The people should run your country club so a suggestion box is a great way to verify that everyone is satisfied.  Furthermore, if you have a board to represent the people, be sure it is frequently meeting and discussing potential improvements.

With these improvements and updates, you can have a great club and keep your members and future members highly pleased.