Physical Activity for a Rainy Day

If you normally enjoy physical activity and outdoor sports, you probably get antsy staying cooped up indoors due to the rain.  However, if you live near a gym or school, then you most likely have access to a gymnasium that accommodates indoor activities.  While it can be difficult to get outside in the rain, once you arrive at your gym, you’ll be happy you made the trek.

Baseball Nets Let You Practice Your Game Winning Swing

Believe it or not, baseball can be a great indoor activity. Go it alone by hitting balls into baseball nets.  High school gyms, among other fitness locations, may have machines that shoot baseballs for hitting practice.  Alternatively, you can practice with a friend or fitness buddy by taking turns pitching and batting.  Both of these actions will work different types of muscles. No matter what your skill level is, batting practice offers arm strengthening and core exercises — perfect indoor fun for a rainy day.

Tennis Windscreens and Divider Nets for Indoor Courts

Tennis anyone?  While most tennis courts are located outdoors, many gymnasiums offer indoor courts.  The nice thing about indoor tennis is that many facilities have protective measures, such as tennis court windscreens and divider netting, to protect both the facility and the player from wayward tennis balls.  Some facilities may accommodate solo practice, via ball machines, that allow you to concentrate on your technique. But if you have a tennis partner to play with, you can have a full match.  And stray balls will be caught by the tennis court windscreens, which will prevent you from distracting other players.

Golf Nets for Indoor Driving

Since rainy days tend to keep people indoors, you may have to find some sports or physical activities to do on your own.  If your gymnasium has golf nets, bring a few clubs to the gym and work on your driving.  Indoor golf allows you to work on the technicalities of your game, including chipping and putting in some cases, without the outdoor distractions of the glaring sun, biting bugs, and the aforementioned rain and wind.  Furthermore, hitting into golf nets can be a great workout requiring leg strength, abdominal tension, and arm power.

Other Indoor Activities

There are several other activities one can do when the weather is poor.  If you can’t make it to the gym, here are a few things you can try in the comfort of your own home:

  • Running stairs
  • Doing a workout video
  • Cleaning/scrubbing floors
  • Abdominal circuit
  • Yoga/stretching

Don’t let the rain wash away your motivation. Poor weather can be an excellent opportunity to shake up your workout routine and benefit from the fitness equipment at your local gymnasiums.  By getting creative with your workouts and fitness activities, you’ll be able to work many muscles that you wouldn’t ordinarily work.

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