Find Recreational Sports Leagues in Your City

If you are looking for a fun way to get in shape and meet people in your neighborhood, recreational sports is the perfect way to do so. Most cities have a parks and recreation department who organizes free events for the public and you could also perform a simple internet search for your area. Most of these recreational events are not attended by former collegiate athletes, so even if you’re not the most athletic person you should give them a try. There are a variety of sports offered and the majority of people in attendance are there to meet new friends, not dominate the game. The main equipment will be supplied by the rec center or field and tennis windscreens and gym divider curtains offer safety and comfort to all active players. Here are a few sports you may find in your city:


Although you may need your own glove for certain leagues (which will be addressed on the website/flyer), all you will need to bring is a fun attitude to a co-ed softball game. As a summer sport, softball is a great reason to get outside and enjoy the weather while meeting new people. Most leagues provide the balls and bats, and some parks have baseball or tennis windscreens up to block the sun from the dugouts if you need shade. Some cities have year-round softball league inside large rec centers with gym divider curtains up to separate the fields.


Thanks to the popular comedy film in 2004, dodgeball has seen a resurgence among adults and leagues have popped up all over the country. Show up with a friend or two, or by yourself, and be transformed back into the 10 year old version of yourself! Both friendly pickup games intense structured leagues are available and provide an excellent way to meet your neighbors while playing a childhood game. The only equipment you’ll need is 4-5 balls and a gym divider curtain and you’re good to go!


I’m sure you’ve noticed a tennis court in your neighborhood or rec center, and what better time than now to give tennis a try? Beginner leagues may provide a racquet for you and experience players will be there to give you tips. If you’re not the best player around, don’t worry; chances are nobody else is either and you can all laugh at your errant shots bouncing off the tennis windscreen. Tennis is a relaxing sport and a great way to enjoy a conversation with someone as well.

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