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Baseball Full Infield Covers

baseball full field cover
Baseball infield cover

Want to protect your baseball field from damage from the rains? Choose baseball field covers offered by ACC to protect your baseball or softball field. Our diamond covers are durable, long lasting and extremely high strength, while ensuring that your field remains dry. Made from solid bolstered 10 ounce blend of vinyl or polyethylene, our field covers are available for customization in terms of color, size, and material.  Poor weather will simply ruin your playing field. All of our baseball and softball field covers are super strong and can be used season after season. A field ravaged by weather, doesn’t simply look dangerous, it can even develop unsafe like ruts, divots, holes and muddy areas. The field covers are a solid waterproof material, and meant to guard the infield from mud and  rain. Baseball and softball covers can defend and maintain your field, and your investment!


baseball field covers
All Court Covers Baseball full field covering

Protect your baseball infield.  Keep it in perfect diamond condition.
Protect your infield and games from the damaging effects of rain. Our polyethylene fabric keep your field dry.  We can custom design your rain cover by shape, fabric and color.

  • Waterproof and rot resistant
  • Grommets installed at 10’/12’ intervals
  • Pull handles installed at 10’/12’ intervals
  • Colors available for polyethylene are silver/white, white/white, and silver/black
  • Colors available for 18 ounce vinyl are green, blue, red, tan, black and more.
  • Ideal for 90’x90’, 120’x120’, 160’x160’ and 170’x170’ fields
  • Tear strength – 71 x 70
  • Tensile strength – 215 x 180

For more information on our baseball covers, contact us today!

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