Baseball Hitters Background Baseball Batter’s Eyes

Baseball Batters Eyes
Baseball Batters Eye

Baseball batter’s eyes are essential to any baseball game as they allow the hitter to focus on the pitched baseball, and take their cuts. These large fabric structures are usually installed behind the pitcher, allowing the batter to follow the ball’s trajectory. Baseball Batter’s Eyes from ACC are generally made from vinyl mesh materials and can be customized to suit your needs.



VCX9x12 Colors (actual colors may vary)

Baseball Batters Eyes

Baseball Batters Eyes
Baseball Batter’s Eye

This vinyl coated polyester fabric is an effective background that supports the batter’s viewpoint and can be manufactured to any custom size. We fabricate high quality windscreen materials to create a batter’s eye and use them for baseball fencing as well as outfield fencing.

ACC- 75 ArmorMesh Colors (actual colors may vary)

  • Baseball Batters Eyes
    Center Field Batter’s Eye
    Baseball batter’s eyes from ACC are available in both 70 percent closure as well as 83 percent closure with welded hems custom sized to your unique specifications.
  • We use #2 brass spur grommets to create easily attachable points. We offer both single sided and double sided batter’s eyes.
  • Our heavy duty bolstered hems accompanied by brass grommets are installed at 18’ intervals.
  • We use durable woven plastic materials and lacing lips throughout the quilt instead of only the edges. This makes our batter’s eyes more durable and stronger.
  • Batter’s eyes from ACC are available in four colors i.e. tan, black, blue and green.

baseball batter's eyes

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