Top Rail Caps

A quick way to brighten up your baseball outfield is by installing our fence caps. ACC’s fence caps are designed for safety in the outfield and to prevent players from getting injured during a game. Our baseball fence caps are strong, vibrant and durable and are excellent to protect your baseball outfield from getting damaged by fly balls, as well as extreme weather conditions. Here are six reasons why you should choose baseball fence caps and safety top caps from All Court Covers.

  • Strong and durable plastic materials
  • Vibrant colors for easy spotting
  • 25-year warranty on fence caps
  • 5.5 feet standard height for outfield
  • Complete protection from damage
  • Weather resistant and long lasting

Safety top caps from ACC create a safer playing environment and help players distinguish between the outfield and other playing areas.

High Quality HDPE Plastic Fence Caps

Like all other products from ACC, our fence caps too are made from high quality materials like durable HDPE plastic. They are designed for two main purposes i.e. to protect from body injury and to brighten up your baseball outfield. Our uniquely designed fence covers mask any exposed barns on chain link fences, preventing common injuries like cuts and bruises. The fence caps are also available in bright colors, making them easily visible throughout the field. They also double up as a decorative item for galvanized and colored chain linked fences.

Top Features Of ACC Fence Caps

There are many reasons why you should choose fence caps from us. Here are the top features of Safety Top fences from ACC.

  • Weather resistant: Fence caps from ACC are known for their strength and resilience against extreme weather. Safety Top Cap fences from All Court Covers are UV-resistant and can tolerate extreme winds, snow and sunlight owing to the durable and strong HDPE plastic used in making them. They can also withstand heavy impact from baseballs and other moving objects.   
  • Easy installation: Fence caps are very easy to install as they are available with wire mesh attachments that snap close over the top of the fence. Each piece has three drilled holes where the attachments can be fitted.   
  • Cost effective: What makes ACC fence caps the best choice for your gymnasium is the quality assurance, as well as cost. We offer a whopping 25-year warranty on our fence capping, which ensures that your long term investment is protected for years.  
  • High visibility: Yellow is a common color used in most baseball fields as well as other sporting arenas. Apart from gymnasiums and sports facilities, several other establishments have taken to installing fence safety yellow fence caps like private beaches, national parks, playgrounds, golf courses, public events as well as leisure facilities.   
  • Customized sizes and colors: Our fence caps are available in a standard yellow. You can also special order our fence caps in customized colors like white, green, black, brown, royal blue, and red. The standard size for the fence caps are 5.5” H x 2.75” W x 8’ L. Each bag includes five caps with the inclusion of 15 hop rings and covers an area of 40 linear feet.

ACC Fence Top Rail Guards

Our fence top rail guards are an effective way to maximize protection in your facility and can be installed anywhere in your gymnasium. Ideal for baseball fields, you can increase player protection with safe and vibrant guards from ACC. Available at an affordable price; our rail guards in the shape of plastic tubes provide long lasting service and protection. Features of the fence top rail guards from All Court Courts include:

Fence Top Rail Gaurd Colors
(Actual colors may vary)

  • Safety Yellow in stock.
  • Other colors are custom ordered.
  • Actual colors may vary.

Cap height

Cap width

Cap length




Rail Padding

Diameter: 4.5”

  • Length: 100 feet and 250 feet
  • Colors: Safety yellow and black
  • Pre-cut fence tops for easy setup
  • Matching tie wraps (19”)
  • Long lasting fence protection

ACC SafeFoam® Rail And Fence Padding

Professional-looking padding can make your facility appear like a stylish and well developed baseball field. With SafeFoam® padding, you can provide additional protection to your players by covering poles, rails, chain links and other fences in a cost effective manner.

  • Reinforced skin covering by ACC
  • 0.25” width
  • Standard length of 8 feet each
  • Unbeatable 5-year warranty
  • Easy install pads available
  • Pre-cut padding for quick setup

ACC Safefoam® Rail and Fence Padding is also available in custom colors like red, purple, yellow, black, gray, green, sky blue and dark blue.

Caps per bag

Approx. coverage per bag

Hog rings per bag


40 linear feet



Safety On Top Of Chain Link Fences

Top Rail Cap
Top Rail Cap

Create a safe and secure fence for your athletes, spectators and guests. Use a protective baseball fence cap. Fence caps effectively protect against the exposed primary rail of chain link fencing. The top rail is typically jagged and sharp. Exposed sharp edges of fencing create an exceptional hazard to outfielders.  A baseball fence protecting cap hides that jagged top rail.


Safety Rail
Safety Rail
  • Safety Yellow in stock.
  • Other colors are custom ordered.
  • Actual colors may vary.
 HeightCap width Length
Caps per bagApprox. coverage per bagHog rings per bag
540 linear feet15

All Court Covers- Fence Top Rail Guard – Baseball Fence Guards

Wall Padding
Wall Padding


Chain link fence guards add visibility to to the fence, providing an additional level of safety to the outfielder. These top rail covers can enhance the aesthetics of your field or facility. ACC fence caps are sturdy and reasonably priced, and they fit over even the most traditional chain link fences without difficulty.

ACC Fence Caps – the high-quality protecting chain link fence cap
The premium alternative for protecting your players from harm.

100′ pieces or 250′ pieces.  Yellow or Black in stock.

  • 4 ½” diameter
  • Available in 100′ and 250′ coils
  • Pre-slit for easy installation
  • Bright yellow or black, see specifications
  • 19″ color-matched ties available
All Court Covers –  Rail and Fence Padding

Covers Fence-Tops, Rails, Posts & Poles

  • Sold in 8′ lengths
  • Pre-slit for easy installation, see specifications
  • Custom cut to your needs
  • Choose from 8 stock colors, see specifications
  • Ties wraps available in matching colors
  • Cost effective compared to padding that laces on
  • Can be utilized in many ways
  • Protect your players from harm