Baseball Protective Padding

Padding on Backstop
Padding behind home plate

At All Court Covers, we proudly promote the integration of safety equipment to make baseball as safe as possible. With Baseball protective padding, you make sure that your field is a safe environment for playing and enjoying the game. ACC baseball products make it easier for players of all ages to feel a sense of security while diminishing the risk of injury. If you want to reduce your risk of liability, protective padding of this nature can create an all-around safer environment.


Corrugated Plastic Protectors

Padding on Dug outs
Baseball fence rail pads

The chain link fences that typically surround baseball fields and athletic facilities may have sharp edges along the tops that can snag the clothing and fingers of unsuspecting players. ACC corrugated plastic protectors, however, wrap around these loose ends to create a hard plastic bumper. This prevents the snags, tears and cuts that can easily occur when an outfielder reaches up and over the fence. Like our other safety products, these are available in a variety of noticeable colors that maximize visibility. This conspicuousness helps players using your facility remain aware of their surroundings.

Baseball Outfield Protective Padding

Softball Protective Pads
Softball Protective Padding

The outfield wall is a frequent spot for collisions—players going after near-home runs are particularly prone to careening into the wall with reckless abandon. Protecting your wall and your players with ACC baseball products like outfield wall padding gives players the freedom to play the game without worrying about injuring themselves running or jumping into a hard-surface wall.

Logos On Padding in Outfield
Padding for outfield fences and walls

Baseball protective padding like thick, foam rail pads gives you comparable peace of mind, protecting players from banging into the hard, metal rails around the bullpen and the dugouts. ACC also offers installation from our protective padding experts, ensuring that your baseball field is always as safe as possible. For more information about safety concerns and installation, contact ACC today.

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