Tennis Court Covers
Tennis Court Surface Covering

Tennis court surface covers from ACC can help you protect your arena from damage caused by weather and traffic. Our range of waterproof court covers  prevent any damage caused by walking visitors. It will protect against winds, rain and other natural adversities. Protect Your Court.

Tennis Court Covers
Tennis Court Surface Cover


  • Waterproof
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Top quality
  • Easy to setup and remove

At All Court Covers, we ensure that our covers are lightweight and climate resistant while offering complete coverage. The tennis court surface covers are designed to overlap the net line and prevent any debris, winds and other elements from damaging the surface of the court.

Tennis Court Covers provide a stylish and cost-effective way to protect your tennis court surfaces. All Court Covers offers these surface covers that are the perfect solution for indoor and outdoor tennis and pickleball courts.

Our Tennis Court Coverings are crafted from heat-treated and reinforced vinyl allowing them to be extremely durable, strong, and long lasting. They are resistant to UV Rays, moisture, mildew, deterioration, abrasion, and tearing. ACC Tennis Courts Covers stand up to the test of time.

Available in a variety of colors.

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