tennis court backdrop curtains

Tennis Divider Nets with Wing Ends and Kick Plates

Tennis Court Backdrop curtains are essential for tennis courts as they serve a number of purposes. They allow you to compartmentalize the arena and provide a stable background for the players. At ACC, we offer quality backdrop curtains with top hinges to seamlessly surround the court without obstructing movements. Our backdrop curtains are available with individual doorways so players can enter the court through the curtain flap that can be easily replaced and used.

Two Different Backdrop Curtains

Tennis backdrops with individual doorways with viewing mesh

Currently, we offer two types of backdrop curtains made from top quality 20 ounce vinyl polyester fabric to provide years of quality service. Our durable tennis backdrop curtains can withstand regular wear and tear. Each of our tennis backdrop curtains are customized to suit your arena and are fabricated with snaps, grommets and heavy duty web straps for maximum strength and durability. They are made from tightly woven high density polyester cloth that weighs 6 ounces per square yard with a coating of 20 ounces per square yard.

All tennis court backdrop curtains are made with web straps on top and grommets in the top hem. This web strap allows the tennis curtain to be installed straight across the wire. Tennis court backdrop curtains are delivered installation-ready. All ACC-20 tennis court backdrops are fire retardant, and pass all codes enforced by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). (Warranty: (ACC-20) includes an unconditional 10-year product warranty. The warranty includes a  lifetime warranty for the curtains’ die-electric seams.)

            Colors (actual colors may vary)

                   Individual Doors In California Corner

                   Individual Doors In California Corner


Tennis Curtains

Tennis Court Backdrops are made of 14 ounce vinyl. We fabricate this product to stand up to a mid range of abuse while staying cost efficient. All of our tennis backdrop curtains are custom made to your facility measurements. This backdrop curtain is manufactured with a web strap on top, and 18″ on center grommets on the top hem. The web strap allows the tennis curtain  to be installed straight across the wire.

Every ACC-14 Tennis Court Backdrop curtain is flame retardant. They all pass all NFPA regulations as well.

Available colors: blue and medium-green.

Warranty: Five (5) Year Warranty. Lifetime warranted on seams.

  • 14 oz. ( +/- 0.5%) total product weight
  • Polyester fiber material
  • 3.3 oz. weight (fabric)
  • Laminate product coating

To know more about our backdrop curtains and how you can customize them for your tennis court, contact us today!