The Significance of Gym Floor Covers for High School Sports

Although some athletic directors may not admit it, they treat their gymnasiums like their living room floors at home. They are, in fact, delicate surfaces and all types of flooring have specific needs. Wood, synthetic, and green flooring are made for athletic games and not school dances or conferences with people wearing hard bottomed shoes. Repairing the flooring can expensive too but luckily AD’s and coaches everywhere have an answer for these headaches: gym floor covers.

Ask any principal or athletic director and they will quickly let you know how much gym floors can cost. While some people see it as a surface made to be trampled on, the best gym flooring is created by experts and contain up to 10 different steps including a vapor barrier, blanket pad, wood sub flooring, and maple flooring. The delicate sealing and finish is what can be damaged by random foot traffic and is why every high school gym needs gym floor covering. Because will all things considered, purchasing a sturdy gymnasium floor cover is a lot less expensive than resurfacing or reinstalling sections of the floor itself.

Take Preventative Measures

High school gyms need gym floor covers more than college or professional gymnasiums for several reasons. As stated above, the constant foot traffic of students can take a heavy toll on the varnish and sealants. Some high schools also conduct their daily gym classes on this surface and can more than likely perform their activities on top of a gymnasium floor cover to spare it from additional damage. School dances are often held in the gym as well and the shoes worn by the students can wreak havoc on the sensitive flooring. Laying down a gym floor cover is an easy preventative measure for this. And finally, parent teacher conferences and other meetings may require chairs and other furniture. Gym floor covering will inhibit the chair and table legs from denting your gym floor.

Don’t Forget The Warranty

One last thing to consider when buying gymnasium floor covering is purchasing a warranty. After all, your gym floor cover is an investment and the top suppliers will offer you warranties up to 10 years. If you have never considered the capabilities of a gym floor cover there is no better time than the present to do so!

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