Tips to Keep Your Gym Floor Looking its Best

For anyone who has been involved in laying down a new gym floor in a high school, you know how exhaustive and expensive the process can be. Depending on the types you use, varnishes and sealants can take days to dry and the floor isn’t truly settled until 2-3 years go by. Daily gym classes and after-school events can take a toll on these sensitive floors and constant upkeep is mandatory to maintaining the sheen of the wood.

There are several courses of action one can take to keeping your gymnasium floor glowing like new, such as chemicals and gym floor covers, and here is a list of the most common:

Sweeping and Mopping

While this may seem obvious to many of you, a surprising amount of schools do not keep a regular sweeping and mopping schedule. Instead of waiting until the floor “needs it”, schools should sweep and mop the floors at least every 36 hours to keep them clean at all times. Loose dirt and mud can be ground into the varnish and seals and over time give the floor a grimy appearance even after it was mopped. Even if you use gymnasium floor covers you must sweep the dust up and mop away the dirt regularly.

Gym Floor Covers

A lot of school systems use their gym for after school events. Most gym floors were not meant for this type of foot traffic but if you use a gym floor covering you have nothing to worry about! Gym floor covers are the perfect answer for keeping non-athletic shoes, chairs, and tables from scratching and denting your basketball court. Gymnasium floor coverings are easily stored and can even come in your school colors with the mascot logo as well. When you consider the cost of repairing your gym floor multiple times with buying one set of gym floor covers there is no comparison.

Cleaning Agents

Knowing exactly what your floor needs is key to not warping or stripping it of varnish or sealants. The best gymnasium floor cover on the planet can’t save you if you use the wrong or cheapest cleaning agent. Be sure to consult with the company who installed the floor and see if they sell specific cleaning agents, too. You may be able to buy right from the source and have the cleaners on hand at all times.

To be sure that your gym floors are in top shape, consult with All Court Covers, the leading manufacturers of quality sport facility equipment.