Transform Your High School Gym into a Dance Venue with Gym Floor Covers

Although high school gyms are generally used for sporting events such as basketball, wrestling, and gymnastics, most high schools also use them for dances. Hosting the dance on their own property saves the school money by not renting a hall and the students enjoy the ability to be at school and have fun instead of attend classes. Drama clubs and dance committees often take the reins when it comes to decorations and such, but there is a simple process one must take in order for the dance to be an absolute success:

Ask for Permission

Depending on who has control of the gym you must make sure there are no events happening on that particular day. No matter who you ask, the first point of interest will be protecting the floor. Gym floors are expensive and the dress shoes and heels can wreak havoc on the delicate varnish and sealants. The school most likely has gym floor covers, which will protect the surface from damage. In fact, if you ask about the gymnasium floor covers before they tell you about them it will instill some faith in your proposal.

Use Homemade Decorations

As mentioned above, clubs and committees can be assigned to create decorations for the dance. Doing so will save the school money and give the students something fun to do and make them feel like a special part of the event. When using a gym floor covering, students can get creative and make it a snow covered wonderland or a grass filled tropical destination. Gym floor covers are built to withstand heavy foot traffic and can also withstand a reasonable amount of tables, chairs, or homemade statues and scenery. A gymnasium floor cover is like a huge blank canvas for teenagers and will definitely set their imaginations running wild.

Have a Blast!

The whole purpose of a dance is to have fun and everyone should be a part of it. Students who like business can create promotional materials and the multimedia students can set up the lighting and even record some of the event for nostalgia. A dance needs music too, right? Have the band play an opening number or supplement the award ceremony. Every school will have their own unique image of a perfect dance, but all schools hosting the dance in a gym should use a gym floor covering. So if you are considering hosting a big dance at your high school, be sure to follow this advice and secure a gym floor covering for the event! For high quality, trust the experts at All Court Covers, the leading sports facility manufacturers.