The Best Coating and Gym Floor Covers for Your New Basketball Court

Taking pride in your basketball court shows your athletes, the community, and your opponents your school runs a top tier basketball program. There is nothing like walking into a gym and seeing the sheen of a well-stained and well-kept basketball court. The obvious maintenance routine of sweeping, mopping, and re-finishing will keep the flooring looking like new, but the use of gym floor coverings is often overlooked and can add years to life of your home court. If you are considering putting down a new coating on your basketball court, here are some tips to having the most admired court in your conference.

First of all, you will need to choose between an oil-modified coating and a water based coating. During the first few years after the floor’s installation, certain steps are imperative to perfecting the sheen and durability of the wood. Experts recommend using oil modified urethane due to its flexibility and its adaptability to the wood floor. Wood does contract and expand so using a softer product will work in conjunction with the shifting wood. Later down the road you can start using water-based polymers which take much less time to dry. Water-based acrylic polymers contain less VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) than oil-based products so you can re-coat the floor and use it after 24 hours instead of a week.

Now that the court looks like a piece of art you need to keep it that way. Gym floor covers are a generally inexpensive way to keep the foot traffic and other non-athletic events from ruining all your hard work. Laying down a gymnasium floor cover is fast and storing it away is easy, too. If you have never considered a gym floor covering before, here are some good reasons why you should now.

Does your school hold dances on the basketball court? Pep rallies? PTA meetings? School plays? The list can go on and on and all of these activities will continuously damage the coating of your court. Laying out a gym floor covering is an easy solution to avoiding black dress shoes scuffing the floor and chair legs digging into the wood. It truly is the cheapest and easiest solution to resurfacing your court every other month. For top quality court protection look to All Court Covers, a leading manufacturer of sports facility products.