Choosing the Right Windscreen for a Tennis Court

tennis court windscreen
tennis court windscreen

A tennis court is incomplete without the finishing touch of an attractive windscreen. The name ‘windscreen’ would lead most people to think that their main function is to block wind. However, this is not completely true. They actually provide a more uniform and dark backdrop which is very essential for achieving accurate ball visibility. In the absence of a windscreen, it would be very difficult for the players to place the ball in the court as it moves through the external landscape taking on various shapes and colors. Windscreens usually work best when they are black or dark green in color as it provides the much needed contrast to the yellow color of the tennis ball.

Other functions of windscreens

Another important use of the tennis court windscreen is to provide sufficient privacy between the court and the adjoining property. This could also mean preventing any disturbance coming from the adjacent road or driveway to enable a game to proceed smoothly.

Contrary to popular belief, wind blockage almost comes third in place to these two primary functions of windscreens. The protection from blowing wind is probably limited to just the playing lines where it actually counts.

Types of windscreens

Windscreens can primarily be made of three different kinds of materials: Polypropylene, polyester and polyethylene. Both open and closed mesh fabric is used to manufacture polypropylene windscreens. On the other hand, polyethylene and polyester windscreens are only available in open mesh.

It is true that a tighter weave is achieved when windscreens are made with a closed mesh (95% density). A tighter weave has its pros and cons. While it means greater privacy, it also leads to more damage caused from the wind to the screen and fence

On the other hand, windscreens made from an open-mesh (75% - 80%) density may not provide too much privacy. On the positive, the damage caused by wind force is much lesser as compared to closed-mesh windscreens.

The windscreens mentioned above are available in two lengths – six ft. and nine ft. It is obvious that the privacy provided by the nine ft. windscreen would be much more as compared to the six foot one. Again, the wind damage is controlled better by the six ft. windscreen as it has much less area and is put at a lower height on the fence.

Depending upon the specific requirements of a particular tennis court, an appropriate windscreen can be installed.