Gymnasium Divider Curtains 

Walk-Draw Gym Divider Curtains   A simple and economical way to make optimal use of your gym space. The  curtain works on a simple principle – you suspend the curtain to the overhead track, and draw it out only when required. To pull the gymnasium divider curtain, simply pull it into place while walking along below the track. The curtain is simple and easy to use.

Gym Divider Curtains
Gym Divider Curtains

Customized Curtains to Meet Your Needs   The Walk-Draw Gym Curtain moves at your pace  The track has ball bearing rollers that enable smooth action. The tracks are custom designed.  Designed for the size and the shape of your gym or sports arena. You can have box shaped tracks with four curtains in case you want to cover a small area. Also available are circular tracks to cover the entire area.

Specifications –  

  • Curtains can be made of vinyl, mesh vinyl or by combining both types of materials, depending on why you need them
  • Easy to store and use – pull out to draw the curtain, or pull it in to the storage track
  • Curtain height can go as high as 762 cm or 25 ft
  • A single section of the curtain fabric covers a maximum of 1,600 sq ft or 149 sq meters
  • Average hanging weight: 0.5 lbs per Sq ft
  • Stacking space: 1-1/8 per one foot of the divider
  • Requires a clearance of no more than 6 inches on either side of track line’s center
  • Track supports limited to 8 ft on center
  • Made of welded fabric with triple hems in the bottom to prevent fraying.

Organize The Gym

ACC offers quality gymnasium divider curtains, allowing you to compartmentalize your facility and make the most of available gym space. Our gymnasium curtains are a cost effective solution to section off your gym. This allows you to accommodate multiple sports and activities at the same time.

  • Non-combustible vinyl coated polyester
  • Excellent privacy and ventilation
  • Six mesh colors available
  • 15 vinyl colors amiable
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