Tennis Highline Curtains
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tennis highline curtains
Ball Scared Walls

Regular tennis play often leaves the walls of your tennis facility with scars and damage. When you need a quick and easy solution to cover up the wear and tear that the court walls and boundaries have been subject to, highline curtains are the answer. Tennis highline curtains are suitable for both indoor and outdoor tennis courts and give the facility a uniform, professional appearance. Covering the walls with tennis highline curtains also prevents further damage to the walls, when they are hit by speeding tennis balls.

Regardless of how big or small your facility is, All Court Covers will offer perfectly sized tennis highline curtains that you need.

Why Use Tennis Curtains?

The walls of the indoor tennis court are prone to damages and scars when hit by high speed tennis balls, and can damage the overall appearance of the facility. When you have a tournament or a major event to host, ball-scarred walls and damages are the last thing you want your guests to see. Tennis highline curtains are the ideal solution if you want a quick and affordable way to cover up the walls and give your facility a professional look.


For Indoor And Outdoor Courts

Draping highline curtains on the walls of an indoor tennis court is a permanent solution and costs a lot less than getting the damaged walls repaired. Tennis highline curtains can do more than just cover the damages. The cloth used as curtain also prevents tennis balls traveling at high speeds from ricocheting and bouncing into the stands or adjacent courts.

Highline curtains draped over the chain links and fences around an outdoor court can also prevent the ball from bouncing off them. Also, the curtains reduce the clanging noise created by the chains that are hit by the balls.

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