Gymnasium Floor Cover Rack

All Court Covers offers an extensive range of quality and durable floor cover storage racks for your facility. Our gym floor cover racks are designed to hold floor covers in a safe and efficient manner.  We can customize the gym floor storage racks to suit your unique requirements.

Gym Floor Cover Storage Rack

Why Should You Get Gym Floor Cover Storage Racks?

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Your gymnasium floor is among the most expensive parts of your facility.  Maintaining it in top condition should be a priority. Apart from floor covers , you should invest in quality storage racks to ensure that your floor cover in maintained in perfect condition. Not only is this cost effective, but it is also beneficial in the long run. ACC’s storage racks are designed for easy and convenient use and they are quick to install. They also offer excellent storage options when your floor covers are not in use. Here are more reasons for you to choose ACC storage racks.

  • Sturdy steel construction for long life
  • Less effort and time to install and use
  • Standard dimensions – 34’ W x 12’6” L x 67” H
  • High weight capacity (up to 4,800 lbs.)
  • Non-skid wheels for easier mobility
  • Available in 6/8/10 wheel rollers
  • Ideal for 10’ cover sections
Gym Floor Cover Storage Rack
Brush Assembly

When you choose storage racks from All Court Covers, you can be sure that the job is completed within 30 minutes. All you have to do is layer the 6-inch vinyl sections on your existing gym-floor. When you are not using the gym cover, simply roll it and place it in the storage rack. Our storage racks are available with complete set of instructions, clips and hand cranks for quick and easy setup. We also offer the ACC Power Winder with our original product to help you complete the job faster and with fewer people. The Power Winder is ideal for large spaces and eliminates the need to manually roll the floor cover.

Why Should You Rely On ACC?

You may have already come across a number of sellers who provide storage racks for gym floor covers. However with ACC, you can experience an unmatched level of flexibility through our customization options. We are known for our quality products that deliver on performance and strength for many years. If our standard offering is not ideal for your facility, we also offer customization options in size and functionality. For more information on our range of gym floor cover storage racks, contact us today!

With the simple installation and removal option, you only need two people to set it up. Gymnasium floor cover storage racks are available in increments of six, eight and ten rolls.


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