Tennis Court Column Pads
Protective Court Padding

Tennis Column Pad
Tennis Column Pad

Sturdy steel columns are a necessary part of any professional tennis court. However as a responsible owner, you should ensure that these columns do not pose any hazards to the players. All Court Covers offers quality tennis court column pads that protect your athletic facility from damage. They also protect your players from any injury. When left uncovered, these steel columns can become a hazard. This is remedied by the use of protective padding.

100% Protection With Quality Cushioning

  • They make your tennis court safer, whether you have an indoor or outdoor facility.
  • They reduce liability from players who are injured from match-related accidents.
  • The thick cushioning of the ACC-5 pad ensures that all players are protected.
Tennis court column pads
Column Protection

The tennis court column pads are designed with 4” thick padding. This provides superior safety and protection to your players.

Our Range Of Column Pads

Tennis court column pads
Tennis Column Padding
Tennis court column pads
Tennis Column Pad

ACC offers tennis court column pads in two main variations.  ACC-5 and ACC-6. Our column pads are counted among the most reliable shock absorbent padding materials available in the market today. ACC-5 tennis column pads provide maximum protection, strength and sturdiness. They can be customized to suit your tennis court dimensions.

  • The pads extend about 4 inches further than the edges of the column. This eliminates any chances of injuries. The pads are covered in 14 ounce vinyl that can  match the color of your backdrops.
  • The column pads are available in standard colors like white, blue and black.
  • All column pads use a long lasting binding agent that ensures superior installation.
  • The standard size for the column pads includes 5 feet in height and 12 inches in width.
  • ACC-6 column pads are 6 feet in height, 10 inches in width and are made from 4-inch thick vinyl that are normally mounted onto side columns.

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