All You Need to Know About Tennis Nets

  It can be a challenging task to find the best tennis court net which is worth its value. Of the various components that are used to make a tennis net, the maximum abuse is suffered by the tiny thread rows which are used for stitching the body of the net to the headband. This is actually the weakest part of the tennis net. Using an inferior quality thread to stitch the tennis court net will result in a very unstable and temporary kind of net.

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Buying a tennis net

When you go to purchase your tennis net, read the description to see if the retailer has mentioned six rows of polyester stitching has been used to make the headband. This should ideally have been treated with a unique kind of UV inhibitors which protect the net from sun damage.

If only four rows of stitching have been used, it means a poor quality net which is probably not UV resistant. It will have half the life of a six-row net and will get damaged by the sun very easily. The continued hitting of the ball against the net will also break it down very quickly.

Tennis net headbands

The headband is the second most crucial component of the tennis net.  Ether Vinyl or some kind of polyester material is used to manufacture the headbands.  It is obvious that the manufacturing material needs to be of good quality to make long-lasting headbands. Beware of manufacturers who use inferior quality products as this can lead to purchasing brittle headbands which can deteriorate easily.

More about tennis nets

It becomes very convenient to replace damaged net posts when they are placed in aluminum sleeves and further into a solid concrete ground or foundation. It eliminates the need for jack hammering. Ideally, you should match the color of your post with the fence color.

There are different ranges of nets available for purchase depending upon the quality (promotional to high) and the choice obviously depends on the life of the net that is required for your specific use. It is best to avoid canvas (for the top), string net webbing and cotton thread as their damage resistance is very poor.

On the other hand, try Nylon nets as they last for several years and can also be purchased at a modest price. The distance between net posts is usually 42'. The height of the net at the post is 42" and 36" at the center.