Find Your Ideal Tennis Racquet

As with any sport, hobby, or trade, you are only as good as the instruments you use. Baseball players pay close attention to the bats they use, carpenters pay close attention to the tools they use, so why wouldn’t you care about the type of tennis racquet you use? After all, you don’t want to be the player at the gym or country club who is known to hit half of your shots into the tennis windscreens. There are several aspects to consider when selecting the perfect racquet for your game, but first you need to understand your game.

Are you more of a power hitter or do you like to paint the corners with accuracy? How do you prefer your grips: hard or soft? The type of racquet you choose should match the type of tennis game you have and here are three aspects to consider when making your next selection:


If you are aiming toward the right end line but your shot ends up bouncing off a tennis court windscreen, you may have some control issues you need to address. Racquets designed for control are typically heavier in weight, thinner, more flexible beams, and a smaller head. The combination of these three attributes result in a racquet that will help your shots stay inbounds and keep the tennis windscreens in better condition.


Players looking to blow the ball past their opponents will need a racquet with an over-sized to supersized head. These racquets are also lighter and longer to provide a top heavy build ready to be swung around quickly and deliver a crushing blow to the ball. Most tennis players fine-tune their control before working on their power because hitting the ball 100mph doesn’t help your game if the ball rips a hole through the tennis windscreen and ends up on the neighboring court.


Some players prefer a soft grip while others like them hard. Shock absorbent grips are effective in reducing vibration shock when serving or returning, and the grip truly depends on the preference of the individual. Weight, balance, and frame stiffness also play major roles in how comfortable a racquet feels and a player should always try out a few racquets before making their final decision. After all, your racquet is an extension of yourself. Make sure you are completely satisfied.

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