Dodgeball Variations for Players of All Ages

Dodgeball has been around for decades and remains a popular sport around the country. Although some school districts have disallowed their younger students to play Dodgeball, high school students, college students, and even grown adults still enjoy the sport and have formed their own leagues to keep the tradition alive.

Depending on the amount of teams in the league, most gyms can accommodate two to three games at a time by using gym divider curtains to separate the matches. After all, the game does involve a swarm of balls being thrown at once so a gym divider curtains will stand as a perfect barrier between games. Other measures such as gym floor coverings and gym wall pads are also a good idea if they are available for adult matches and should be mandatory for children. We all know how reckless children can be during a loud and active game so gym wall pads must be in place to avoid serious injury.

If your gym class or adult league is getting tired of the “same old Dodgeball”, here are a few variations they all might enjoy to spice up your weekly matches. They are all simple to learn and will bring new life to your Dodgeball matches.

Battleship Dodgeball

Before you begin Battleship Dodgeball, be sure to have some gym floor coverings down. Gym wall pads are not necessarily needed for this game.  Set up pins on each corner of the mat and teams should form ships of four to five players and set them up strategically just like the board game. One player from each ship can leave to retrieve balls but the others must stand/sit still. Each ship can have up to two throws and whoever eliminates the other team’s ship and pins first wins!

Traitor Ball

After teams are randomly selected, one player on each side is designated as the “traitor” and is playing against the side they are standing on. Depending on the traitor’s style, he/she may begin attacking the other team immediately or turn against them towards the end of the game. This variation introduces new elements such as teammates attacking each other and the random balls accounting for hits and catches on the meantime. Traitor ball is a popular variation for both kids and adults alike and gym wall pads may be necessary in case the traitor is running for their life!

Dr. Dodgeball

This variation also involves some trickery and is fun for all ages. Each team designates a doctor who can revive teammates after they’ve been hit. Players who have been hit must stand or lie down until the doctor runs over to touch them, or “revive” them. The doctor is obviously a primary target in this game but players can act as fake doctors to throw the other team off.  Once a player is revived they can continue to play as normal.

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