Gymnasium Divider Curtains

April 3, 2014 Charles Louer

Owners of professional gyms are always looking for the ideal ways to utilize the space in their establishments. Apart from basic weight and fitness training, gyms are also extensively used for a number of other activities such as sport or yoga. However, in many cases, it is difficult to organize and perform multiple activities on the gym space, unless they are isolated effectively. One of the most effective ways to separate and use space on your gymnasium is through the use of gymnasium divider curtains. Gym divider curtains provide an immediate solution to all your space problems. When multiple activities take place on a gym floor, there is always a possibility that they will interfere with each other, increasing the risk of injury. With gym divider curtains though, this risk is vastly diminished.

gymnasium divider curtains
Gym Divider Curtains

Material And Types

Nowadays, there are a number of manufacturers that produce gym divider curtains of the highest quality. Most of these manufacturers use vinyl coated mesh material along the top of the curtain. Vinyl material is used at the bottom of the curtain – the portion that is more likely to come into contact with individuals. Gym divider curtains typically come in three different forms – roll up, fold up and walk draw.

Electronic fold up curtains, although among the more expensive of all gym divider curtains, provide the most convenience and ease of use. These kinds of curtains are typically made of vinyl that are at least 20 ounce thick, and can be controlled via a remote control. A steel pulley mechanism and piping is integrated into the curtain at the top and the bottom. Electronic curtains are also widely regarded as the safest kinds of gym divider curtains, and are usually flame resistant as well.

Maintenance And Heating/Cooling

One of the key reasons why gym divider curtains have become so popular among gym owners is because they typically do not gather dust very easily. This means that the kind of maintenance work you perform on these curtains will not have to be too frequent. Moreover, gym divider curtains afford individuals the opportunity to convert a large space into smaller segments. This means that if only a small space on the gym is being utilized, a gym divider curtain can be used to isolate this area alone. As such, you can save significantly on heating and cooling costs because you will not have to cater to the entire gym space every time.

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