Protect Your Weight Room with Gym Floor Covers

Many schools may use gymnasium floor covers on the basketball court for dances and PTA meetings to protect the delicate varnish and sealants from street shoes, tables, and chairs. While some may think placing a gym floor cover in a weight room sounds ridiculous, there are several reasons why it makes perfect sense. Maintaining a safe floor environment in a weight room is paramount to avoiding injuries and extending the life of the equipment and weights, and school who have chosen to use gym floor covers in their weight rooms are noticing the payoffs.


The actual surface of the weight room floor should be interlocked rubber sections designed to absorb the shock of falling weights and protect the lifter’s knees when performing squats or other legwork. This flooring, which can come in school colors with the mascot if desired, can be expensive if the weight room is a considerable size. Placing a gym floor cover over the rubber floors will not only protect the flooring but also maintain its appearance.

How To Prepare

You may be asking yourself, “How are you going to get gymnasium floor covers underneath all of that heavy equipment?” The answer is to either cut the gym floor cover to the layout of your weight room or only lay the gym floor covers down in certain areas. Your gymnasium floor cover provider will most likely be able to offer the covers already cut into shape or can assist you in performing the duty yourself. Although they do provide excellent protection, gym floor covers are only 1”-1.25” thick and when rolled up should fit easily into a nearby storage locker or closet.

When a person enters a weight room to workout, questioning their safety should never be weighing on their mind. Athletes need total focus and a safe workout environment to get the most out of their workouts. And one simple way to do both of these and protect your investment in weight room flooring is to purchase gym floor covers.

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