Football Wall Pads Padding For Sports Safety

football wall pads
football wall padding

As a responsible operator of a football facility, you can ensure greater protection and reduce liability by installing safety football wall pads from All Court Covers.


Sewn Wall Pads

football wall pads
football wall pads

ACC offers sewn wall pads for additional safety and security of the football players that are ideal for wood walls and chained fences.

  • 3” compacted foam for extra strength
  • Coated with 18 ounce vinyl
  • Sturdy and uniform hemming at ends
  • Installed grommets at regular intervals


Plywood Supported Wall Pads

football wall padsPlaced directly on a wall, this wall padding is ideal to soften hard walls and is made from 3” compacted foam and coated with 18 ounce vinyl. To promise superior quality, we develop wall padding by enforcing it with APA BC grade plywood.

Top Rail Caps From ACC

Our top rail caps for football fields are available in lengths of 100’ and 250’ in yellow and are an affordable way to ensure player safety. They are also ideal to provide a quick lift to your facility and increase visibility. Top rail caps from ACC are available in 4½” polyethylene caps.

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