Tennis Nets

Tennis Court Nets

Tennis nets are an integral part of any tennis court or sport establishment. However, choosing the right product is very important as tennis nets are considered more of an investment. They are used frequently and are regularly exposed to bad weather, making them susceptible to damage and wear and tear over time. We use quality raw materials to create skillfully fabricated tennis nets, making them one of the most popular and reliable products available.

  • Tennis Playing Net
    Double Twine In Top 6 Rows

    Our tennis nets are designed to tolerate everyday wear and tear and extreme weather conditions for both indoor and outdoor tennis courts.

  • ACC tennis nets are created with care and precision, strictly adhering to the quality standards and dimensions followed by most establishments.
  • Our ace and double ace tennis courts are available with 5-year warranty.

When you purchase tennis nets from ACC, you can be sure of top quality and long lasting tennis nets that are built to last. You can choose from the following two options in ACC tennis nets.

ACC Ace Tennis Net

The ACC Ace is made from three metric linear units of braids and knots and the high density fabric is secured with a special heat sealing technology. Our tennis nets have been lab tested for extreme conditions and can sustain its integrity even in extreme weather conditions like snow, rain and winds. The tennis nets are known for their anti-abrasion properties owing to the 4-row sewing design on the headbands of the nets.

  • Our tennis nets are also equipped with 13 ounce vinyl tapes and fiberglass dowels
  • Made from polyethylene netting and break strength of 325 pounds
  • The vinyl coated polyester doubly ply headband is made from 20 ounce / square measure
  • Includes cables and sticks to complete the installation of the net

ACC Double Ace Tennis Net

Our Double Ace tennis net is made from high density 3.5 metric linear unit braids and is secured by quality heat sealing knots. Double twine in the top 6 rows. The ACC Double Ace net is even more resilient to extreme weather conditions in comparison to the standard model and is available with a 5-year warranty

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