Requirements for Building Sports Fields and Courts

If you are planning to build a basketball court, baseball field, or driving range, there is a lengthy checklist you need to complete before opening it for public or private use. Although the obvious items may make the process seem easy to some, the obscure equipment such as gym divider curtains, golf nets, and baseball windscreens will remind you of the level of attention one needs to pull it off. In order to help you get your court, field, or range ready for use, here is a basic explanation of what you need to get started.

Basketball Court

The general measurements of a basketball court are 94×50 ft. so be sure you have enough room to accommodate for the court and several feet out of bounds as well; players running at full speed will need adequate room to slow down. The rim should be a level 10 ft. and while the free throw line is always 13 ft. 9 inches from the center of the hoop, you can choose if you want the collegiate or professional three point line. If you are in the process of building a space with several courts, be sure to purchase gym divider curtains as well. Gym divider curtains are an easy way to separate the courts and give privacy to different teams/events going on at the same time.

Baseball Field

Little league and high school fields are quite different from one another but here are the dimensions for a teenage/adult field. The bases should be 90 ft. apart and the pitcher’s mound is 60 ft. 6 inches from home plate. The batters circle for home plate, in which the batter, catcher, and umpire stand in, should be a 13 ft. radius around the plate. Most fences are around 300’-320’ from the plate, but this is truly up to you. Baseball windscreens are a great way to keep excess wind off the field and provide a layer of protection against the metal fence. Some leagues use their baseball windscreens as a platform for local businesses to advertise.

Driving Range

Truth be told as driving range is the easiest one to make! All you really need is at least 350 yds. of open space, a tee box, and a large amount of used golf balls. Golf nets are required if you are building a range in a populated area as well. You don’t to be liable for a broken window or windshield and golf nets will keep your balls on the property and away from danger. If you’re looking for quality, look no further than All Court Covers for everything from tennis court windscreens to gym divider curtains.